We are gospel-centered people who live in community and on mission to make disciples.



We believe the gospel is the good news of God that in and through Jesus, God is making all things new. This is good news because apart from Jesus, we are rebellious sinners who reject God and bring ruin to His world, His creatures, and ourselves. Having rejected God, we are all deserving of eternal death. But for the sake of His glory and by His grace, God has made atonement for our sin by offering His Son, Jesus, as a perfect sacrifice who died the death we all deserve to die. When Jesus resurrected from the grave, He defeated sin and death and now sits as King over all things so that when sinners turn from sin and trust in Jesus, they are made to be sons and daughters of God and will dwell with Him in His kingdom forever in which all things will be made right and new.


The good news of King Jesus is central and foundational to everything we do at Mountain Park. Because the gospel announces renewal for all things, it is not something we move beyond or outgrow. Instead, we continually proclaim the gospel to one another in order that the renewal it announces might continually transform us into the image of Christ.



We believe the gospel draws us into community with God and knits us together with one another so that our life together is a light to our neighbors and the nations declaring that Jesus is King. The Christian life is designed by God to be lived in community. Like fertile soil, it is in the community of God’s people, the Church, that the gospel takes root in our life. It is also in the soil of community that the fruit of our faith grows up to bless to our neighbors and the nations.


At Mountain Park, we want to work against the grain of individualism. Because we have been embraced by Jesus and are one in Him, we desire to cultivate authentic relationships with one another where we are fully known and fully loved. In this way, our life together in the church will be a constant reminder of the gospel and a foretaste of the abundant life in the kingdom of Jesus that compels us to love Him more deeply and obey Him more fully.



We believe the mission of God is to fill the earth with a people who love Him and obey Him. Therefore, the goal of the Church is join in that mission by making disciples who are obedient followers of King Jesus. As those who are filled with and empowered by the Holy Spirit, God calls His Church to scatter throughout His world for the sake of proclaiming the gospel of Jesus and demonstrating the realities of His kingdom. One day Jesus will return to complete God’s mission by renewing all things including the earth where all God’s people will dwell with Him forever.


We seek to join in the mission of God at Mountain Park by leveraging the whole of our lives to make Jesus famous by calling our neighbors and the nations to follow Him. We want to live intentionally in our neighborhoods, our schools, our businesses, our athletic fields and in every other place bringing good news and offering a foretaste of life in the kingdom of Christ. And we want to go to the ends of the earth with the same goal that Christ might be loved and obeyed among all people.





10:30 AM every Sunday

5485 Five Forks Trickum Road